EPC9193: 40 ARMS, 3-Phase Motor Drive Inverter

EPC9193/EPC9193HC — 30 ARMS / 40 ARMS 3-Phase Motor Drive
Inverter Reference Design Board

EPC9193 Evaluation Board

The EPC9193 evaluation board is a 3-phase BLDC motor drive inverter board featuring the EPC2619 eGaN FET, rated at 100 V with 4.2 mΩ maximum RDS(on). The EPC9193 is available in two configurations. The standard configuration (EPC9193) uses a single FET for each switch position and can deliver up to 30 ARMS. The high current configuration (EPC9193HC) uses two paralleled FETS per switch position and can deliver up 60 Apk (40 ARMS maximum output current).

The board can also be configured for multi-phase DC–DC conversion and the EPC2619 supports PWM switching frequencies up to 250 kHz in motor drive applications and 500 kHz in DC-DC applications.

The EPC9193 contains all the necessary critical functions circuits to support a complete motor drive inverter including gate drivers, regulated auxiliary power rails for housekeeping supplies, voltage, and temperature sense, accurate current sense, and protection functions.

The EPC9193 mates with an assortment of compatible controllers, supported by various manufacturers leveraging existing resources for quick development purposes, that can quickly be configured as a motor drive inverter or DC–DC converter.

The EPC9193KIT includes:

One (1) EPC9193 or EPC9193HC evaluation board
One (1) EPC9147C controller board
One (1) EPC9147E controller board


  • 3-phase inverter based on EPC2619 eGaN FET with wide input DC voltage ranging from 14 V to 65 V
  • Dimensions: L x W = 130 mm x 100 mm (including connector)
  • Low distortion switching that keeps motor audio emission low and reduces torque ripple
  • dv/dt optimized for motor drives less than 10 V/ns with option to increase dv/dt for DC–DC applications
  • Current sense, voltage sense, temperature monitoring circuit
  • Protection features including: over-current and input supply under voltage lockout
  • Shaft encoder/Hall sensors interface connector for motor drive application with two voltage levels selection option
  • The board can also be configured to operate as a synchronous buck DC–DC converter


  • BLDC motor drives
    • eMobility
    • Robotics
    • Drones
  • Synchronous buck DC-DC converters