EPC9195: High Power Density, Synchronous Buck Converter

EPC9195 Evaluation Board

The EPC9195 synchronous buck converter evaluation board, operates at 750 kHz switching frequency and converts an input voltage of 36 V – 60 V to a regulated 13 V output. It delivers up to 16 A in a very small footprint of 28 mm x 14 mm and with a profile lower than 5 mm (3.5 mm inductor height). This type of high-density DC/DC converter is used to convert the 48 V DC input from batteries or chargers to a regulated typical 12 V load. The combination of Analog Device’s LTC7891 100 V synchronous GaN buck controller with ultra-efficient EPC2619 GaN FETs helps enable a super small and highly efficient solution with 96.4% efficiency at 48 V to 13.5 V and 16 A continuous current.


  • Employs two low conduction and switching loss EPC2619 GaN FETs in half-bridge configuration.
  • Features ADI’s LTC7891 100 V synchronous GaN buck controller
  • Simple, high power-density, high efficiency design
  • Configured with a small inductor of just 12.5 x 13.5 mm x 3.5 mm size.
  • Fully protected and low component count solution


  • DC-DC Converters
    • 48 V – 12 V DC-DC in USB PD 3.1 powered systems
    • 48 V – 12 V DC-DC for housekeeping power in 48 V input servers
  • Solar optimizers

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