EPC Generation 5 eGaN FETs and ICs

A Quantum Leap Into a New Universe of Performance!

Our latest generation technology cuts the size of our devices in half but triples their performance. This reduction in cost and improvement in performance creates a “virtuous cycle” that is expanding the gap in both performance and cost between eGaN® FETs and ICs and the aging power MOSFET.

  • Small Footprint – Huge Performance Gains
    At 100 V the eGaN FETs have a 4 times advantage in RDS(on) x die area vs. state-of-the-art silicon MOSFETS. At 200 V this advantage jumps to a 16 times advantage!
  • Improved Figure of Merit (FOM)
    The latest generation of eGaN FETs provides a four times advantage over silicon at 100 V and an 8 times advantage at 200 V for improved switching performance in high frequency power conversion applications.
  • Applications Benefit from Performance Gains
    In an example case using the 100 V EPC2045, a 30 percent reduction in power loss with a 2.5 percentage points better efficiency than the best comparable MOSFET was achieved in a 48 V to 5 V circuit operating at 500 kHz switching frequency.

    Additional application areas for the latest 100 V eGaN FETs include single stage 48 V to load open rack server architectures, LiDAR, USB-C, point-of-load converters, class D audio, LED Lighting and low inductance motor drives, and E-Mobility.
GaN Takes Another Quantum Leap in Performance Over Silicon

Additionally, wireless charging, multi-level AC-DC power supplies, synchronous rectification (48 VOUT) robotics, and solar micro inverters are ideal applications for the latest 200 V eGaN FETs.

New GaN transistors get put through their paces

Datasheet Summary

Configuration VDS Max
(VGS = 5 V)
Max. Peak Pulsed ID(A)
(25°C, Tpulse = 300µs)
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EPC2045 Single 100 7 5.2 1.1 21 130 BGA 2.5 x 1.5 Buy Now
EPC2047 Single 200 10 8.2 1.8 60 160 BGA 4.5 x 1.6 Buy Now
EPC2046 Single 200 25 2.9 0.6 22 55 BGA 2.8 x 0.95 Buy Now

Half-Bridge Development Boards for Fast Prototyping

Part Number Description VIN ID(A)
(max RMS)
Featured Product Schematic Gerber Bill of
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EPC9078 Half Bridge Plus Driver 80 20 EPC2045 Buy Now
EPC9080 Half Bridge Plus Driver for High Step Down / High Current 80 30 EPC2045
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EPC9079 Half Bridge Plus Driver 160 6 EPC2046 Buy Now
EPC9081 Half Bridge Plus Driver 160 15 EPC2047 Buy Now