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jjPlus Showcasing Next Generation Wireless Power and WiFi Solutions at Computex 2019

jjPlus Showcasing Next Generation Wireless Power and WiFi Solutions at Computex 2019

Unleash the full potential of your solutions with jjPlus wireless technologies!

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 21, 2019 — jjPLus Corp. a Taiwan design manufacturer of high quality wireless communications and wireless power embedded solutions, will showcase the next generation Wireless Power Transfer as well as new WiFi solutions at COMPUTEX 2019 in Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, at K1024 booth during May 28 - June 1 in Taipei, Taiwan..

Wireless Power Transfer

Fueled by today's mobile phone wireless charging, wireless power is gaining user awareness and ready to be incorporated into our daily lives. Wireless power transmitters can be placed in furniture, walls and on the floor as an efficient and economical power, or charge our electronic and electrical devices.  Wireless power transceiver modules can be embedded in robots , wearables, smartphones and other devices to enable wireless charging.

Magnetic resonance technology is the key to ubiquitous implementation of wireless power – enabling large surface area transmission, spatial freedom for placement of receiving devices, and the ability to power multiple devices simultaneously. At the core of these designs are eGaN® FETs and ICs operating at 6.78 MHz frequency (meeting the AirFuel Alliance standard) resulting in maximum wireless power system efficiency. For more information, please visit

jjPlus is releasing 3 new wireless power solutions at COMPUTEX show for applications in the following area:

1) Robotic Wireless Charging

Wireless charging for autonomous robots is the key enabling factor that the robots can remain autonomous when they maneuver back to the charging zone for a recharge. jjPlus will perform live demo with wireless power transmitter and receiver modules fully integrated into a robot from the world-famous Misty Robotics ( 

With high positional freedom between the transmitter and the receiver, the robot does NOT need to dock with absolute precision for auto recharging. Instead, the robot simply approaches the transmitter charging area and charging will begin automatically.  Without an external power port, robots can be hermetically sealed for water proofing, dust proofing, etc.  Such added protection from environmental elements means more durability and enables more user cases and environments in which robots can be deployed.  When there is no exposed electrical contacts, the possibilities of hazardous use is reduced to minimum.

Several magnetic resonant wireless power transmitter and receiver modules from 20W and above with XYZ positional freedom for Robotic Wireless Charging will be demonstrated.

2) Smart Shoe/Wearable Device Wireless Charging

Featuring small footprint wireless power receivers, jjPlus is offering smart shoe and wearable device manufacturers to fulfill their needs to enter the world of wireless charging.  With a single magnetic resonant wireless transmitter base, a pair of smart shoes (or earphones, game pads etc.) can be "drop-and-charged" anywhere on the charging pad.

This wireless power transfer system, operating at 6.78MHz, supports multiple wireless charging of receiving devices with fu