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2020 New Year with GaN

2020 New Year with GaN

Jan 31, 2020

Dear Friends, colleagues and partners of EPC,

Happy New Year to you and your family from all of us at EPC!

2019 was a year to remember for EPC’s GaN innovations and the multiple use cases for GaN that have come to fruition. EPC’s latest generation of GaN products have enabled engineers to gain power stage advantages due to their low RDS(on) characteristics, higher efficiency, enhanced thermal properties, small size and low cost. Now, more than ever, power system designers are switching from silicon devices to higher performance GaN components.

Some of the growing automotive power stage 48V requirements have pushed silicon to its limits, necessitating automotive design engineers to leverage EPC AEC-qualified GaN products to achieve these demanding automotive specifications. By using these GaN products, they are gaining overall lighter weight, smallest footprint available, thermally enhanced designs and overall improved efficiencies.

Automotive is an expanding market requiring GaN ICs to integrate functionality in single-chip solutions further. When needed by customers, EPC provides chip-scale die and or wafers.

High-end computing and AI application power requirements are escalating as CPU/GPU power demands continue to increase toward 1000 amps, which is needed to enable processors to deliver necessary enhanced speeds and simultaneous computing performance. The power system designers of these types of products have incorporated GaN into their systems, proving GaN’s effective solution to overcome silicon power device bottlenecks.

High reliability (HiRel) space and satellite applications continue to grow for GaN technology. HiRel circuit designers benefit from the inherent rad tolerant properties of GaN devices. EPC has been supplying the HiRel market for several years and offers data packs, die, and wafer solutions for these mission-critical applications.

2020 will be an exciting year as power system designers continue working closely with us to define EPC’s growing family of GaN integrated circuits for a variety of traditional and yet to be known power conversion applications and markets.

EPC has spent the last 12 years developing comprehensive reliability data, enabling designers to confidently select and use EPC products without concerns for long-term reliability issues in their end applications.

We are excited about the upcoming year and will be at CES 2020> this month with representatives of our technical staff available to discuss the benefits of GaN technology. You can find us at the Venetian Hotel, where we will have a customer demonstration suite.

If you plan to attend CES, please request a meeting with EPC to meet Alex Lidow or a member of the EPC technical staff to discuss your design needs in 2020.

Once again, Happy New Year!