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Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) Now Included in National Instruments Multisim 13.0 Enhanced SPICE Circuit Simulation and Design Software

EPC component models have been included in National Instruments’ Multisim 13.0, which is now available to thousands of engineers to improve power system efficiency, reduce final product size, reduce development cost in their power conversion system designs.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — December 2013 — Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, ( the leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride FET technology, announces today that its enhancement mode gallium nitride transistors (eGaN® FETs) SPICE models have been included in the latest version of National Instruments’ Multisim circuit simulation and design software. The Multisim toolkit enables engineers to easily calculate, change and sweep critical component parameters in advanced power conversion system applications.

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Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) Market-leading Development Board Featuring eGaN® FETs Receives Industry Awards in China

Award winning EPC9005 development board facilitates rapid design of high frequency switching power conversion systems based on the 40 V EPC2014 eGaN FET

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – November 2013 - Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (; announces that its EPC9005 development board has been recognized with two industry awards in China; namely, Optimized Development Award of the Top 10 Power Products Award 2013 presented by Electronics Product China and Leading Product Award of China Innovation Award 2013 presented by EDN China magazine.

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Professional Quality Sound with 96% Power Efficiency – EPC Demonstration Board Featuring eGaN® FETs Delivers High Quality Audio Performance in Space Saving Design

EPC9106 Class D audio amplifier reference design, using high frequency switching gallium nitride power transistors, demonstrates efficiency enhancement, size reduction and eliminates need for a heat sink while delivering prosumer quality sound.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — November 2013 — Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) introduces the EPC9106, a reference design for a 150 W, 8 Ω Class D audio amplifier. This demonstration board uses a Bridge-Tied-Load (BTL) design, composed of four ground-referenced half-bridge output stages, which allows scalability and expandability of the design. All elements that can impact the sonic performance of Class D Audio systems are minimized or eliminated in an eGaN FET-based system.

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Package Considerations for High Frequency Power Conversion Devices

Power conversion at switching frequencies of 10 MHz and above requires both high-speed transistors and high frequency capable packaging. eGaN FETs have demonstrated their ability to improve high frequency power conversion compared with the aging power MOSFET by providing unmatched device performance as well as packaging.

Bodo’s Power Systems
Guest Editorial: Alex Lidow
November, 2013

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Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Introduces Family of Commercial High-Lead Enhancement Mode Gallium Nitride (eGaN) FETs

Commercial high-lead versions of EPC’s popular enhancement mode gallium nitride (eGaN) FETs, the EPC2801, EPC2815, and EPC2818, are now available.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — October 2013 — ( Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) introduces devices with a high-lead solder termination ideal for applications requiring higher temperature solder. The EPC2801, EPC2815, and EPC2818 feature high-lead content (95% lead, 5% tin) solder terminations.

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Enhancing the inefficiency of an RF power amp: The envelope tracking (ET) system

In this EDN article Steve Taranovich explores the envelope tracking system as a potential solution to the notoriously inefficient wideband power amplifiers (PAs) used I wireless telecom and other base station transmitters. An ET solution implementing high speed eGaN FETs in a multi-phase buck converter is explored.

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EPC Addresses Global GaN Power Management Product Demand; Leverages Digi-Key for Global Distribution

Global electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, the industry leader in electronic component selection, availability and delivery, today announced new inventory of Gallium Nitride (GaN) power management products, available for immediate shipment as part of an exclusive global distribution agreement with Efficient Power Conversion (EPC)

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Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Blurs the Line Between Power and RF Transistors with Family of Gallium Nitride Transistors Capable of Amplification into the Multiple GHz Range

Power systems and RF designers now have access to high performance GaN power transistors capable of amplification into the low GHz range, enabling innovative designs not achievable with silicon.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — September 2013 — Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, the world’s leader in enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN®) power FETs extends its family of high-speed, high performance transistors with the EPC8000 family of products.

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Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) Expands eGaN FET Family with 150 Volt Power Transistor

EPC2018 gallium nitride power transistor delivers high frequency switching for exceptional performance in DC-DC power conversion and Class D Audio applications.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – September 2013 – Efficient Power Conversion Corporation ( introduces the EPC2018 as the newest member of EPC’s family of enhancement mode gallium nitride power transistors.

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How to GaN: Driving eGaN FETs and Layout Considerations

The previous columns in this series discussed the benefits of eGaN(r) FETs and their potential to achieve higher efficiencies and higher switching speeds than possible with silicon MOSFETs. This installment will discuss driver and layout considerations to improve the performance achievable with eGaN FETs.

By: Alex Lidow
August, 2013

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eGaN FET-Silicon Power Shoot-Out: A Retrospective of Sixteen Articles

When a new technology is introduced, it is not reasonable to think that engineers will intuitively know how to effectively and efficiently take advantage of the performance enhancements that the new technology offers – there is always a learning curve. This is being borne out in the case of the rapidly emerging technology of high performance gallium nitride transistors.

GaN FET technology was made available to the general power conversion engineering community in mid-2010 when Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) introduced the industry’s first commercially available GaN transistor. Since that time, EPC has continued on two parallel paths – one to expand their portfolio of products and the other to share what it learns about the use of the technology with power conversion systems design engineers. One of these educational efforts has been to work with the editors of Power Electronics magazine and publish a bi-monthly series of articles on the characteristics of GaN technology and its applications.

This series is entitled eGaN FET -- Power Silicon Shoot Out. Articles in the series took on both basic issues and specific applications using gallium nitride components. It is timely to make a quick review of the sixteen articles to make certain that we have accomplished the goal of assisting engineers in climbing the learning curve. This retrospective look will give us insight into what further topics and studies are needed to advance the adoption of GaN technology, the need to learn is never finished.

By: JOHAN STRYDOM, Ph. D., Vice President, Applications, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation
MICHAEL DE ROOIJ, Ph.D., Executive Director of Applications Engineering, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation
DAVID REUSCH, PH.D., Director, Applications, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation

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How To GaN: Enhancement Mode GaN Transistor Electrical Characteristics

For a power system designer who has worked with a power MOSFET, upgrading to an enhancement mode GaN transistor is straightforward. The basic operating characteristics are quite similar and yet there are a few characteristics that need to be considered in an efficient design in order to extract the maximum benefit from this new generation device. EEWeb By: Alex Lidow July, 2013 More ...

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