What Is Gallium Nitride HEMT? A Comprehensive Guide and Product Selector

Gallium Nitride High-Electron-Mobility Transistors (GaN HEMTs) provide fundamental advantages over traditional silicon-based transistors. With exceptional high electron mobility, GaN HEMTs excel in speed, temperature tolerance, and power handling capabilities. These unique attributes lead to greater efficiency, a significant reduction in size and weight, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced thermal performance.

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Product Selector Guide for Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMTs

Use our interactive parametric selection tool to identify the best possible eGaN® solution for your power conversion system.

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Why GaN HEMTs are the Future of Power Conversion

With exceptional dynamic on-state resistance and minimal capacitances, our GaN HEMT transistors are designed for high-speed switching applications. EPC's HEMTs operate with reduced dead times, offering higher efficiency. Experience the reliability of our HEMT transistors, with demonstrated robustness is both laboratory testing and high-volume customer applications. eGaN devices have a remarkable field reliability record.